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Outdoor ads used to be great. So what happened? Paul Burke investigates. In the beginning There were posters.  Paleolithic cave paintings were the forerunners of today’s 48-sheet. The poster is where our whole industry began.  It’s the purest and most iconic form of advertising. Everyone loves a poster Feast your eyes on these.  Advertising at its simplest, most elegant and most effective. Not everyone loves a poster Open The Sunday Times Magazine and you expect to see ads.  On Classic FM, you expect

15 Amazing Designs That Were Impossible to Make 15 Years Ago RICHARD DUPONT'S UNTITLED sculpture uses data from a self-scan he did back in 2001. Image: Courtesy of the artist Wim Delvoye's created his Twisted Dump Truck by laser cutting steel into an intricate victorian-style lace pattern. Image: Courtesy of the artist Achim Menges and Jan Knippers' ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion (2011). The bionic pavilion is the result of computer-based design and computer-controlled manufacturing. Image: Achim Menges Naim Josefi's Melonia Shoe (2010) is entirely 3-D printed. Image: Naim Josefi The

Publisher Laurence King is set to release a colourful new card game, which tests the player’s knowledge of the art world. Guess the Artist is an art trivia game that asks players to identify famous artists from three visual clues. The illustrations have been created by Craig & Karl. Each card presents three images on one side, and “weird and wonderful” information about the artist on the back – including how Ai WeiWei became a seasoned blackjack player

Researchers have developed a 3D printing technology that creates medical devices such as catheters for premature newborns and surgical implants customised according to individual patients. The biomedical devices they are developing will be both stronger and lighter than current models and, with their customised design, ensure an appropriate fit. One specific application of this new technology is developing patient-specific catheters, especially for premature newborns. "With neonatal care, each baby is a different size, each baby has a different

Vero Software’s 3D CAD viewer and analyser WorkXplore, which can open all file types and sizes at high speed, is now available for trial and purchase directly from the software’s website. Accorfding to Vero, WorkXplore often takes ‘less than half the time to open a file’ when compared to the original CAD application, letting users build virtual unified prototypes or 3D models imported from a wide range of file formats, including Catia, NX, Parasolid, SolidWorks, Solid

Second-placed brands are giving the market leaders across a number of categories a run for their money by focusing on creativity, humour and digital innovation. Being the major player in a sector is no longer a guarantee of long-term success. It’s not always new entrants to the market that brands should be wary of, however. Being the second-placed brand in any given category often gives businesses room to experiment and innovate in a way that might be difficult for the market leader. And although